Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet our houseguest

This is Potsie. He is a 1 year old basset. We are his foster family until a forever home can be found for him. We are trying out fostering for ABC (All Bassets Cherished) .You can read all about them here.

Not much sewing time this week. Alot of training, belly rubs, and slobbery kisses at my house.

Miss Elly takes it all in stride.


Julie said...

Miss Elly is so lucky to have a new friend to visit with.

Alycia said...

he looks kind! And cute. Is Miss Ellie being nice?

AllyJo said...

What an exciting blessing. I love to foster, but we rent. Someday we will though. I think my husband wants to foster springer spaniels.

Are Bassets hard to house train? I heard they were. Just curious.