Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello November!

Hubby says I have 2 days to remove this from the wall. I may leave it up 3 days because, I can. LOL!!!
November is a great month. The crisp air blows in. I just can't believe it's here already.
My baby girl turns 16 in 9 days. My birthday does NOT fall on Thanksgiving this year. I don't like when this happens. Cooking and dishes. I do have a dishwasher this year. I will put that on my thankful list.

Here are 3 of the 12 blocks, I am working on. I found, I have to use pins. I am not a person who uses pins often. Rule breaker!
I am thinking , I will try a scalloped border with this one. I have never done one. Can't be that hard, right?
I think, Miss Elly is exhausted! She had to greet every single person who came to the door last night.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey---that wall-hanging looks great! I'm SURE you have a Thanksgiving replacement??? :0)
The colors of your violet blocks are very springy--they remind me of lilacs in the Spring. Will this be a quilt? I haven't tried scalloped borders yet, but I've heard some of the new rulers "out there" make scallops as easy as pie. Oh...and...I'm not a pin-user either; they slow me down; for most of my projects, the quilts are for down-n-dirty use anyway, so 100% precision isn't necessary :0)

Happy November Lori!
(and allow Elly to recuperate today)

sue14625 said...

the pillow on the couch looks familar lol HELLO MISS ELLY i had toe opportunity to meet her such a nice DOG both are

Julie said...

Happy November! Hello, Miss Elly - try to get some rest, you hard-working hound.

AllyJo said...

Oh wow. I love that runner. Will that be a quilt? The pattern and the fabric choices are lovely. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don't see why it can't stay up a little longer. :)